This is BauWatch

We switch on, so you can switch off…

BauWatch: Yes, the CCTV towers with green lights that you’ve seen protecting construction sites. That’s BauWatch, and we are much more than that…

We take over all aspects of site security so that our customers do not have to. Our customised solutions combine highly visible video technology that misses nothing at site with a control centre that acts quickly and competently anytime, day or night. All of this is carried out efficiently, in line with requirements and in full compliance with all data protection laws. We ensure that our customers can do what they do best, go about their work, without worrying about security.




BauWatch has its roots in the Netherlands. The entrepreneurs at ‘Visser Assen’ noticed that the market was lacking in suitable safety products for construction sites. They decided to take production into their own hands. This laid the foundation for the creation of BouWatch, from which the German subsidiary BauWatch emerged in 2016 and now we are expanding rapidly here in the UK. Our company grows everyday; in the number of employees, professional know-how and technical possibilities.


Control Centre

The control centre is the heart of BauWatch. This is where highly competent staff sit to check every report we receive from our cameras and inform the security at your site or the police if intervention is necessary. All incidents are investigated and documented.

Our control centre is manned around the clock so that we can provide our customers complete protection 24/7.



Our Service

At BauWatch, you are greeted with exceptional and transparent customer service right from the start. Before we set up your surveillance systems, we personally visit your project and create a security concept tailored to fit you – free of charge and without obligation. Just 72 hours later, the system can go into operation. Our goal is to take a weight off your shoulders by taking control of your project’s security, leaving you to do what you do best. Plus, we work without the help of subcontractors or external service providers giving you a single point of contact for peace of mind.

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