Monitoring SOLUTION

Monitoring with a Power Connection

Using on-site resources

Sites are effectively protected thanks to temporary monitoring from BauWatch. If an on-site power connection is guaranteed, customers can choose from a variety of flexible surveillance solutions that make use of it.

The word ‘protect’ in its origin means ‘to put a stop to’ – and that is exactly what surveillance from BauWatch does. Our surveillance solutions keep out theft and vandalism. Projects can be completed without risk or disruption, leaving you to do what you do best.

With the help from our solutions that require a power connection, we provide continuous security until the completion of your project. Our services include products that illuminate a pre-defined area with environmentally conscious green light, which acts as a deterrent, and towers which are fitted with a loudspeaker from which our control centre can directly address anyone seen on the cameras. Alternatively, or as a complement, we offer monitoring solutions that use thermal imaging and solar power.

If you plan on monitoring an area for a long period of time, it is worthwhile to rely on permanent monitoring solutions from BauWatch, because a fixed installation will significantly reduce costs in the long run.


Network-based monitoring


Products for this solution

GreenLight CCTV
GreenLight CCTV

A highly visible and efficient on-site deterrent: HD cameras, green floodlights, speaker for live spoken challenge and 24/7 monitoring. GreenLight CCTV

BauWatch Thermal CCTV
BauWatch Thermal CCTV

BauWatch Thermal uses highly sensitive thermal imaging cameras to ensure that problems at site are detected even in complete darkness. BauWatch Thermal CCTV

BauWatch Flex
BauWatch Flex

Indoor security where and when you need it most BauWatch Flex