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Our vacant property service looks to manage every aspect of protecting the building. From deterring intruders, to rapidly responding to any unauthorised attempt at access, we work swiftly to secure your site.

A Powerful Deterrent for Vacant Property Security

We believe visual deterrence is the best way to secure your vacant property, which is why we designed our Greenlight CCTV Tower to stand over 6.2m tall. To ensure its presence is known during the night, it’s equipped with environmentally friendly green floodlights that blankets your site in a green glow at night to further deter any prospective intruder.

Wired & Solar CCTV Options

Our range of CCTV towers and security cameras are designed to provide flexibility to best suit your property’s specific needs. No power? No problem. Our range of Solar cctv solutions are able to run autonomously for a guaranteed 6 months in low-light and poor weather conditions.

Unmovable Weight

Making sure that the security we provide is tamper-proof, we’ve designed our Towers to be resilient to interference. Weighing in at up to 790kg, our range of Vacant Building CCTV Towers are designed to keep a 24/7 view of your property, no matter what is put up against it.

24/7 HD Clarity Recordings

All of our CCTV Towers are fitted with HD Cameras as standard, meaning a crystal clear view of any activity on your site. We save all recordings of your site throughout your project, allowing you to wind back to any point in time and watch the activity.

Direct Audio Challenge any Trespasser

We boast an ultra-fast response property intrusion, with our Control Centre able to audibly challenge any unauthorised access with our 110 decibel speaker system that’s fitted to every Tower.

NSI Gold Alarm Receiving Centre

Our Control Centre holds the highest accreditations available in the country, meaning that you can expect exceptional surveillance and intruder response for your site. If the audible challenge doesn’t deter the intruder, our team are trained to react in real-time, calling in a physical presence to apprehend the culprits.

4G Vacant Property Security Cameras

All of our Construction Site CCTV Towers are fitted with 4G, meaning we can set up the Tower and start recording within minutes. No wifi needed.

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Popular Vacant Property CCTV Solutions

GreenLight CCTV
GreenLight CCTV

A highly visible and efficient on-site deterrent: HD cameras, green floodlights, speaker for live spoken challenge and 24/7 monitoring. GreenLight CCTV

BauWatch Solar
BauWatch Solar

No power connection? No problem. BauWatch Solar is completely self-sufficient, so it works off-grid. BauWatch Solar


Perfect protection for ‘hard to see’ security breaches Brighteyez

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Our empty building CCTV service can be installed within 48 hours of contact, enabling businesses of all sizes to fully secure their property.

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