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Car Parks

Parked Vehicle surveillanceĀ 

Car parks and vehicle fleets are popular targets for burglars. Lone offenders and professional gangs of thieves invade the premises and steal everything that can be made into money on the black market. Surveillance solutions from BauWatch prevent this.

Damage to vehicles, rising insurance premiums and work stoppages because vehicles have to be repaired. With BauWatch’s seamless video surveillance, such experiences are a thing of the past.

Solutions from BauWatch are ideal for protecting against theft and property damage in large car parks. Our intelligent analysis software detects every intruder in the surveillance area without exception – which can reach up to 400 metres, depending on the video technology used. The combination of our familiar green spotlight, as well as the direct address via loudspeaker, mean that crimes are usually deterred in advance.

If people enter the premises without authorisation despite the deterrent light, an alarm signal is immediately sent to our continuously manned control centre. Within a few seconds, it is checked who or what has triggered the alarm. Police and security are called, uninvited guests are caught, theft and vandalism are prevented.


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