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Energy plants

To keep wind turbines turning

Wind farms and other energy plants should be profitable. For that, they have to do one thing – run. BauWatch protects them with our seamless video surveillance.


To effectively monitor energy plants, BauWatch is with you from the beginning. The materials used in the construction process are often desirable to vandals and are likely to be stolen. Acts of sabotage – for example by wind power opponents – are also detected and prevented at an early stage. We are here to keep people in and around your plant safe.

Our security solutions rely on video surveillance, which detects any movement on your site and transmits it immediately to our control centre – even on the darkest of nights. Unauthorised persons are addressed directly through our tower’s loudspeakers and often flee without having achieved anything. As a result, the system remains undamaged and can continue to run, costly repairs are minimised, and you get to carry on with your work without any setbacks.

Power supply systems are also a risk to human life as electric current flows through at a very high power. This can be dangerous for children or other unauthorised persons. BauWatch can reliably prevent this.

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Security for power supply facilities