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Storage Space

Protect what you have in stock

Open storage areas and their parking spaces are exposed to a risk of theft. Perpetrators often find that a wire fence is their only hurdle. Reliable monitoring by BauWatch prevents valuable goods from being stolen in these situations.

Burglars and gangs of thieves highly benefit from storage sites in commercial or industrial areas. Perpetrators usually get away before the police arrive and pretty often, the burglary is not even noticed until the next working day.

The cost of damage from a burglary is usually much higher for the company than the profit for the thieves. In addition to the direct financial loss due to stolen materials, there is damage to the equipment and vehicles from which components were removed, as well as costs due to broken fences, doors and windows. On top of that, there’s the extreme insurance costs.

If you want to secure your goods and tools, you need a surveillance system that works preventively so that potential intruders do not go onto the premises in the first place. BauWatch offers various surveillance solutions to stop theft – efficiently and effective.


Safe storage