BauWatch Flex

Indoor security where and when you need it most

Discreet detection wherever you need it

If you’re responsible for an empty building, a renovation project or warehouse security, then you’ll need a security system that is specifically aimed at one or more indoor spaces. One that easily moves with you as your work progresses. And that is connected to a central control room that is alert 24/7 giving you a constant view on any likely threat by theft or vandalism.

Effective security for indoor spaces

The BauWatch Flex gives you optimal surveillance for your building. The wireless and highly flexible system consists of a central unit to which several unobtrusive motion detectors with built-in cameras are linked. These are simple to mount, even in difficult places. Every space can therefore be secured with discretion. Thanks to the link with our 24/7 emergency room, timely intervention is guaranteed. This not only saves you unnecessary delays, but also high costs and a lot of frustration.

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Discreet detection, wherever you need it

  • Internet connectivity ?
  • Size 10 x 14 x 13 cm
  • Weight 300g
  • Power supply Battery powered
  • Detection type Passive Infrared


The BauWatch Flex

  • Works for up to 4 years on 1 set of batteries, no power connection required.
  • The system does not require a connection to the power grid.
  • Flexible, can be mounted in the most difficult places.
  • Can be placed inconspicuously wherever you want.