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Solar & Wireless CCTV Systems

✓ Carbon neutral 

✓ Continuous power guarantee

✓ External & Indoor solutions

Our range of wireless and solar CCTV security systems provide a sustainable solution for construction projects without compromising on quality

Six Month Continuous Power Guarantee 

Our Solar CCTV Towers are equipped with 3 solar panels to provide an effective power source in typical UK weather conditions. In exceptionally poor weather conditions, all of our Solar Towers are equipped with a methanol fuel cell that can power the Tower for six months without solar panels, meaning your site is protected without interruption.

Carbon Neutral  

Both the Solar and Solar Cube offer CO2 neutral protection of your construction site. We have a partnership with Land Life Company to offset any emissions that might occur during your project (including fuel to deliver and pick up the towers), ensuring a sustainable solution for your site’s security.

Ideal for Off Grid Projects

BauWatch’s Solar CCTV range was designed with off grid projects in mind. As well as an uninterrupted power supply, all of our Towers come equipped with 4G allowing us to monitor and protect sites that have no WIFI or infrastructure in place.


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Monitoring protection without power 


Our Solar & Wireless CCTV Range

BauWatch Solar
BauWatch Solar

No power connection? No problem. BauWatch Solar is completely self-sufficient, so it works off-grid. BauWatch Solar

BauWatch Cube Solar
BauWatch Cube Solar

The small tower with huge surveillance capability, without any need for power BauWatch Cube Solar


Perfect protection for ‘hard to see’ security breaches Brighteyez