Securing Car Parks

Case Studies 17-05-2022

BauWatch mainly secure construction sites, but we have a vast range of other applications that our products excel in. Our engineers recently installed a tower within a car park, which is something that we are not typically known for, but highly capable of protecting. The problems that were presented to the client were quickly eliminated with the help of our GreenLight tower.

The car park is situated in North London and belongs to a very well-known supermarket. They had been experiencing problems with groups of young people gathering for regular ‘car meets’. The youths had been playing extremely loud music and revving engines at early hours in the morning which was causing disruption to local residents, employees of the store and shoppers. We carried out a site assessment to explore the best solution for preventing the anti-social behaviour, and we concluded that our CCTV towers would be the perfect deterrent to combat the issues on site.

We installed a Greenlight tower as the site had access to power. They stand at 6.5metres tall, have a detection range of 330ft and feature a bright green light that illuminates the area so that potential offenders refrain from their intentions in advance. If people enter the premises without authorisation despite the deterrent light, an alarm signal is immediately sent to our 24/7 control centre. Within a few seconds, it is checked who or what has triggered the alarm and the operators are able to talk to intruders via a live feed and despatch a response team to disperse the offenders.

Since installing the tower, the client has experienced no trouble. Our solution has maximised the protection of the car park whilst minimising costs that the client was previously having to pay for damage to the site and alternative security services. In addition to fixing their initial problem, our tower should eliminate potential car theft issues and keep the car park as safe as possible.