BauWatch UK Acquires Sicuro Ltd

About BauWatch 15-07-2022

There has been an exciting change at BauWatch UK and we wanted to take some time to tell you about it. In March of 2021, we acquired Sicuro Ltd and they became part of the BauWatch Group. Since then, we have been working collaboratively with new colleagues under two business names, but we are moving towards a point where we will be working solely under the BauWatch brand.

Sicuro were founded in 2012 and have been market leaders in the security industry since then. Over the years they have become a primary security contractor to several highly regarded organisations across the UK. Similarly to BauWatch, they take pride in great customer service and work relentlessly to support their clients.

At BauWatch, we saw working with Sicuro as a great opportunity for growth. They are well-established security experts within the south-east of England and have built a great reputation. Sicuro has a history of delivering innovative solutions and they possess an exceptional engineering and operations team which we see as a natural fit to complement our own team and elevate our service to the next level.

This shift only brings positive changes. We can now operate from a large office space within Essex, so we can be close to our capital, and we’ve got access to an exciting new range of security solutions to provide peace of mind to our customers and broaden our monitoring capabilities. Moving forward we will have twice as many team members and even more resources to continue our national coverage across the UK.

We’re working together to ensure that the only impact you’ll see as a customer is a positive one, and we are delighted that the time has now come to formalise our excellent working relationship with a move to working under the single ‘umbrella’ brand of BauWatch UK.