6 Weeks vs 6 Years!

Case Studies 01-03-2022

Recently we have picked up a couple of GreenLight towers from two completely different sites within Buckinghamshire which had finished their hire periods. One tower had been on for six weeks, the other six years. We decided to speak to both of the site managers to get their opinions on how our towers performed over the differing time periods.

The six-week hire was for the surveillance of a truck yard. They phoned us after hearing about our Christmas promotion (talking about the benefits of monitored site security out of hours) saying that they’d been experiencing some problems with unwanted guests trying to get into the premises. Similar locations often experience issues with burglary and vehicle damage as well, but our security solutions eliminate these complications. We delivered and installed a tower straight away. It was able to see across 330ft of the yard and illuminated the area with our familiar green spotlight. If anyone entered the site without authorisation, a signal would’ve been sent to our control centre and within seconds the footage would be checked to see who/what triggered the alarm. Our team can differentiate between animals crossing the detection zone or people trying to break in, which stops false alarms. In the case of a breach, the police or their chosen security service would’ve been contacted immediately. The installation of our tower stopped any further crime from happening at the location. “The BauWatch team were super helpful and very speedy in sorting a solution for me…I would not hesitate to use BauWatch again” said the owner of the yard. He was comfortable with placing his assets in our hands, stating that we were both reliable and cost effective.

Our other client had a GreenLight on hire for six years. It was monitoring the construction of a residential area. They originally had the tower installed to secure the site entrance. We were told that on previous projects they’d had a man sat by the gate, but they’d often find whoever it was asleep or drunk and unable to do their job correctly. Our BauWatch towers are popular amongst residential build companies because of the ability to move them around. As your site progresses, our tower can travel with it, to make sure that no area is left unseen. We were there to monitor their valuables during every phase of the process. In addition to this, the client had access to our online platform myBauWatch. This allowed them to view a live feed of what the cameras could see, no matter where they were. When we asked what they thought of the app, we were told “It was handy having the live link, it was nice seeing what was going on ourselves and the images were perfect”. The client stated that they’d happily use BauWatch again in the future.

There is a huge difference in the length of hire period for these projects, but our towers were just as beneficial for both! Our towers don’t need time to prove themselves, they are effective as soon as they are installed. The sites were completely different, but in both instances the GreenLight deterred crime and helped the clients to save money and focus on their work – which is exactly what we are here for! We like to keep things simple for our customers, and we definitely took the weight of security off their shoulders.